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To facilitate networking, knowledge exchange, projects and activities, and promotion of cultural understanding amongst all persons with a common interest in the country of Vanuatu, and to promote holistic support of U.S. Peace Corps Vanuatu volunteers.


Our vision is a community connected and supported by our common interest in the country of Vanuatu.


Facilitate a platform for networking and exchange to connect all persons with a common interest in the country of Vanuatu, and to promote the Third Goal of Peace Corps – a better understanding of Ni-Vans on the part of Americans.

Promote and charitably support community-driven, needs-based projects and activities of Peace Corps Volunteers and others across all sectors in Vanuatu.

Support U.S. Peace Corps Vanuatu volunteers before, during, and after their service through activities and platforms that promote mentorship, networking, appreciation, transitions, and encouragement of continued public service.


Everyone is welcome on our mat. We value the diverse experiences of each of our members and strive to create a space where we can storian (contribute) with equal voices and weave together culturally competent networks, knowledge exchanges, projects, and activities. Each diverse experience, when woven together, builds a strong and thriving organization. Come, let’s construct a beautiful mat together.



The Board of FOV2 believes strongly in the value of DEI in our organization and has taken the progressive step of modifying our bylaws to help ensure this and future boards follow these ideals. We have crafted bylaw prescriptions to help ensure gender diversity (inclusive of non-binary persons), Ni-Vanuatu representation, and to open leadership roles to those outside the RPCV community, while respecting our core roots. To view our bylaws click HERE.

Our DEI bylaw update follows: 

Section 9. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. The Board will adopt and publish a comprehensive DE&I statement to be respected across all activities of the organization. Additionally, the Board will implement DE&I policies specific to the Board of Directors and must diligently recruit Board members to be in compliance with the requirements of this section, outlined below. These bylaws recognize that there may be occasions when the requirements are not met because of Board member resignation or for other reasons. In those situations, the Board will continue to be deemed legally constituted and all acts by the Board will be valid and within the authority granted by these laws. In all cases, the Board must not elect board members from representative groups that are at or above the minimum ratios until such time as an under-represented group has met the minimum threshold requirement. Representative groups are defined as follows:

(a) Gender Representation. The total number of Board seats (currently ten) will not be more than 60% of either male- or female-identifying persons. The number of actively filled seats will not be less than 30% male- or female-identifying persons. Non-Binary persons will not impact the percentages of male- or female-identifying persons. 

(b) Ni-Vanuatu Representation. Two board seats reserved for opposite gender Ni-Vanuatu, with one (1) seat filled at all times. Additional Ni-Vanuatu may be added, but one male and one female must be represented before a third Ni-Vanuatu is added to the board.

(c) RPCV Representation. The positions of President and Vice President must each be filled by Vanuatu RPCVs.

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We are an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA).

NPCA is the nonprofit alumni network at the center of a vibrant community of over 220,000 people who share the Peace Corps experience. NPCA champions lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals by connecting, engaging and promoting its members and affiliate groups as they continue to make a difference in communities in the U.S. and abroad. NPCA is also dedicated to advocating for, contributing to, and supporting the betterment of the Peace Corps. Visit NPCA to learn more