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Several Ways To Help

We're just getting started, but there are a few ways to get involved with Friends of Vanuatu.

As a first step, consider becoming a dues-paying member (FREE for first-year RPCVs). Member dues help cover recurring expenses such as hosting this website, but any surplus dues are used to fund our projects in Vanuatu. The second step is to donate directly to a Friends of Vanuatu campaign. Our board members and supporting staff serve as volunteers. Our 501(c)(3) status is pending. Helping to promote our fundraising activities is another very important way to support our efforts. 

In the future, we will offer additional ways to get involved directly with FOV, which may include contributing to the newsletter, helping source new members, hosting an event in your area, or serving on the board or as an officer on a committee.    

You may also support the mission of the United States Peace Corps volunteer program by clicking the advocacy link. This will open you up to the world the National Peace Corps Association and provide tools to help advocate on behalf of our collective missions.

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