NEWS: TC Harold - "The Vanuatu island in the eye of the storm"

Title: "The Vanuatu island in the eye of the storm"

Author: Dan McGarry

Source: The Guardian

Published: June 5th, 2020

Brief: A vividly-detailed, first-hand account of visiting Pentecost villages in the aftermath of the devastating TC Harold.



From the article:

"The island is unrecognisable. Mountains are shorn. The trees that do remain are dying – their limbs and trunks blasted by unimaginable forces. The ground littered by mounds of fallen coconuts... 

The operations centre is located in the old police station. The roof is partially blown off, and the windows on the windward side are all blown in. Dozens of aid workers, police, and paramilitary shuffle through. Most are sleeping rough on cement floors... 

Nobody has proper shelter, neither responders nor villagers. Overcrowding, sanitation and hygiene are a joke, and it shows. Diarrhoea is endemic, people have fevers, coughs and headache."


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